Beginners Guide to Slots

November 22, 2017

The  goal when it comes to Slots games is to spin the reels, line up the rows, and end up with the same icons alongside one another. All you really need to do is place your bet and select the spin button. You will win if you manage to match a minimum of three symbols across one of your paylines. The amount you win will depend on which icons have been lined up, and this info is outlined on the paytable.

Reels and Paylines

Reels are the columns that spin in a Slots game, and Classic Slots will typically be made up of three reels, and Video slots five or more. While you may assume that more reels makes things more complicated, this is not the case, and your likelihood of matching icons and winning is actually all that is increased.

Paylines are the rows in the Slots game. Older versions of the game used to have just one, but modern-day games have many more. There are some that provide over 100! These can be read diagonally, horizontally, or in a zigzag pattern, and your winnings will depend on how many paylines you have activated and how much you have be on each.

Slots Symbols and Features

There are some special symbols available in slots machines as well:

  • Wild Symbols

These are icons that are able to stand in for any of the other symbols of the game. They do not hold value individually, only when they form part of line with matching symbols.

  • Scatter Symbols

The icons will activate a Bonus round if one is provided for inside the game. These rounds could be Free Spins, a Wheel of Fortune, or even mini-games. You would typically have to line up three scatter symbols in a single spin to trigger a Bonus round, and these are generally very worthwhile, offering you higher payouts than those that are available in the base game.

The Different Types of Slots

These days you can take your pick from a variety of type as well as various titles, with each offering you a different way to enjoy this archetypal casino game.

  • Classic Slots

These will usually be made up of three reels, and take for their inspiration the original fruit machine games that can be found in arcades worldwide.

  • Video Slots

These usually have five reels, and have animations that spring to life when matching icons are found along a payline.

  • 3D Slots

These have a lot in common with video Slots, except that you will be interacting with various 3D characters throughout the game. They are also presented with a narrative in place that make your play more exciting.

Payouts from Slots vary, with some offering relatively low returns, and others presenting a hefty jackpot. They are very popular choices for players of all levels of experience and many different ages, and there are minimum and maximum bets in place for most.

Progressive jackpot Slots games are also a popular choice, with these presenting a prize that increases over time, to huge levels before lucky player takes the pot.