Online Casino Banking FAQ’s

September 27, 2017

Traditionally, you would go to a casino with some physical cash, which you would either then use directly on the games and machines, or you would exchange the cash for special tokens that you could then use to gamble. This changed a lot once online casinos came along with the spread of the internet, and the ways that we were able to transfer money had to be changed and invented to accommodate what the casinos were offering. This came in the form of online casino banking, and while it took a few years, we’re now at the point where we have a huge range of banking methods to choose from.

It can be difficult to understand how it all works, however, so here are answers to some frequently asked questions that may help any enquiries you may have.

 How Do I Start Online Banking?

It all starts with signing up and creating an account with the online site. This usually requires that you add your personal details to an application form, and once the process has successfully gone through, you are able to log on to the account. Here, you can choose the type of banking method that suits you best, and most casinos offer just about any online method you can think of. Keep in mind that the banking method you choose may come with certain fees, such as casino banking charges.

What Are The Limits on Depositing?

 In general, there are no casino depositing limits on how much you are able to deposit into your account. This ultimately depends on the rules and regulations of the casino in question, as well as the type of banking being used to make the deposit.

What Are The Limits on Withdrawing?

This is much more complicated than depositing, but is also very dependent on what kind of casino you are using. If you win a jackpot, for example, most casinos will stipulate that you are only able to withdraw certain amounts every month as opposed to withdrawing out the entirety of the jackpot. Not all sites will force casino withdrawal limits on their players, however.

How Much Are Transaction Fees?

Using a banking method will more often than not incur some sort of transaction fee, but this is almost completely dependent on the type of banking that you are using. E-wallets, for example, may not charge any fees at all, while your average credit company can charge a certain percentage, based on how much is being withdrawn. There may also be some casino banking charges included in the transaction, which varies from site to site.

How Long Do Deposits and Casino Withdrawals Take?

Depositing money into your account is almost always instant, no matter what kind of banking method you decide to use. Methods like bank transfers and cheques can take up to a full week to clear, however, which is why many players tend to stick with other types of banking for deposits.

Casino withdrawals are completely different, and the time it takes depends completely on the kind of method you want to use. E-wallets generally take about one clear to withdrawal, while it can take up to a week on a debit or credit card.

How Can I Use Self Exclusion?

Self exclusion is a special type of temporary ban that you can place on yourself so that you cannot gamble at your regular site. This can usually be done by contacting support and requesting personal self exclusion for a certain period of time.