How to Win with Online Slots

August 31, 2017

It is vital to understand how online slots games work if you want to start winning more when you play them, and the first thing to realise is that are nothing like the land-based fruit machines, slots, or pokies that you have been enjoying before you ventured online. The most important piece of information you need to remember when it comes to finding out how to start winning more money when you play online slots is that they operate with Random Number Generators, or RNGs.

These RNGs function by picking out a combination of numbers that will correspond to the symbols found on the reels of the game you are playing, and each icon will have roughly the same chance of appearing in your combination as the next, from those that offer much lower payouts to those that represent the jackpot or wildcard symbols. These RNGs are there to ensure that you are treated fairly by the casino offering the game, and that each and every one of the results you end up with is completely random, and the process is an arbitrary one no matter how often you may play.

Are Slots Outcomes Really Totally Random?

Online guides and strategies, and casino slots game walkthroughs are able to give you a number of advantages when it comes to how to beat the casino more often than not. Patterns that have become evident over years have revealed that there is a manner in which you can start earning more money from your online slots games, and the key is to find machines that are high variance.

What are High Variance Slots Games?

You will need nerves of steel when you focus on high variance slots, and a sizeable bankroll, but if you are able to meet these requirements you will find a very good return when you spend time with these games. These games are structured so that the payouts which you will find listed on the game’s paytable are very high. When you play these games it becomes possible that you will take home a huge payout from a high-value winning combination on any one of the paylines you have made active.

These big payouts are usually formed thanks to Multiplier and Wild symbols, as these bump up the value of the winning combinations the symbols form a part of. When you play a high variance slots game, the Bonus features which can be activated also offer you the potential to win big. These sometimes feature Pick to Win rounds, for example, which allow you to carry on choosing locations off of a bonus screen for an unlimited period of time, until a symbol indicating that the game is over is selected.

Bear in mind, however, that high variance slights pay out less frequently because the winnings are so much larger. Don’t be surprised if you have a number of spins that give you nothing at all, and simply keep playing until you get your mega-payout thanks to the right combination finally forming.

Top Tips for Winning with Slots

The slots strategy hints and tips which follow will help you start boosting your bankroll when you play these games right away, and you will notice a dramatic upturn in the amount you take home from the first time you implement any one of these!

Choose the Right Online Casino

You need to limit your play to online casinos that pay out your winnings in 24 hours or less to eWallets, and casinos that do not provide for reverse withdrawal options.

You need this because you should be moving between online casinos with the winnings you have made in order to build your total. Finding a good casino comparison site will quickly allow you to locate the best online casinos that fit this requirement, and you can jump in and start playing their high-variance slots offerings as soon as you have finished registering for your new account.

eWallet Accounts are Essential for Online Slots

It is always recommended that you make use of an eWallet service for your online slots place, and not for reasons of safety, either. The long wait time when it comes to your winnings is why you should limit your banking option to eWallet services. You could wait up to as many as four days for your money to become available on your debit or credit card, and are generally required to provide identity documents and scans of your utility bills in order to combat fraud. Not only does it slow down your withdrawal time, it is usually a hassle to meet all these requirements as well, and eWallets simplify this process totally.

Play High Variance Slots Games at High Stakes

Take a second and browse the best high variance slots games from each of the top game developers operating online, and make sure that the casino you have signed up with makes them available. These games are usually available for play from between 0.9 and 2 per spin, and while this method of engaging is more expensive, the outcomes are that much better as a result. When you make your big win, it is recommended that you cash out immediately, and move on at once in order to keep building your bankroll.

Choose the Right Casino Bonus

Casino Welcome Bonuses are an excellent way to boost your bankroll, and offer you an extra way to hit the slots as hard as you would like to. What is vital, however, is that you keep the playthrough requirements in mind. Since you are focussing on high variance slots, you need to make sure that the bonus you choose allows for this kind of play. Again, a good casino comparison site will be able to assist you in choosing the right kind of bonus for your new style of play.

Take Your Slots Play Seriously

You should stop playing these games for recreational purposes, and start focussing on cashing out at least 1 000 for every 100 you deposit. We recommend that you cash out as soon as you hit this target as well, since this allows you to save some of the money you have won in your account for the next time you are ready to spin the reels.

Start Playing Slots and Seeing a Real Income

In summary, you should be playing high variance slots games at around ten different online casinos. You should make sure that these places to play offer speedy withdrawals, and that reload bonuses and ongoing promotions are standard far. Your aim should be winning at least one of every three of the online slots sessions you take part in, and you will soon see that you are making a tidy amount of money from playing the games you love, and taking part in an activity that you would be anyway!

Now that you have a handle on what you should be doing when it come to enjoying online slots games, you can start playing like the pros do, and enjoy your winnings as they start rolling in. Implementing a solid strategy is vital when it comes to any kind of play, and when you combine your own insights with what this article has outlined you can start enjoying wins far more frequently.